COVID19: How does this impact our salon and industry?

We have all been impacted by Covid19 in some way or the other, and no one can dodge the impact it has had on our lives. Each industry has been affected and the Health and Beauty Industry is no exception.

As you know, the president has announced an easing of the lock down from the end of April. There has been some confusion as to what this means for the Hair and beauty Industry .

As it stands, we will only be able to open our salon to conduct hands-on treatments when we are at level 1 and even then, with restrictions yet to be agreed upon by government. Until then you are urged to stay at home as much as possible.

You may have seen some salons claiming that they are open to commence treatments, but please be aware that is illegal and in doing so, you and your therapist may risk being arrested and/or fined heavily. It also poses a huge risk for spreading the virus further. We need to keep both our clients and our therapists safe.

We understand that it is beyond frustrating not being able to have your usual beauty treatments done. Especially as we slowly start to resume “normal” life and you go back to your places of work and face the world again. But trust me, we are trying our very best to bring it to our Governments attention that our industry practices strict hygiene and sanitasion and that with the correct protocols in place, we can conduct certain services safely.

We ask for our clients to please remain patient as we move through these uncertain times. Our obligation is to flatten the curve and we would love it if you could help support us on our journey.

What can’t salons do on level 4 and Level 3?

  • Conduct any form of physical treatments or services that is in direct contact with our clients.
  • Retail non essential items such as hairdryers or other equipment.
  • Services can only be conducted from level 1

What can salons do on level 4 and Level 3?

  • Retail all skincare products: including face wash, creams, serums, masks etc.
  • Retail all body products: including body wash, creams etc.
  • Retail all hair products: including shampoo, conditioner, spray etc.
  • Retail all hand and foot care items: including polishes, scrubs, files, etc .
  • Retail any other beauty affiliated items: including essential oils, cotton wool etc.
  • Open our salon to allow clients to purchase and collect retail items only.
  • Sell gift vouchers.
  • Ecommerce and online skin consultations.