There’s no better time to start investing in your skin than now!!

The beauty industry is continuously evolving and growing as we move into these abnormal times. But with new challenges comes exciting new opportunities and Lash Studio is proud to announce that we will now be offering an exciting new virtual skin consultation service.

How does it works?

A virtual skin consultation is a new concept that allows skincare therapist to privately and conveniently conduct a thorough and professional skin consultation with our clients via virtual platforms such as Whatsapp, telephone call or zoom.

It’s super convenient because you get to choose a time when you are available to chat to a consultant. It’s safe because there is no need to come into the salon, everything is discussed while you are relaxing at home. And the best part is that all the products are conveniently delivered right to your front door.

Could it get any better than that? A personalized, professional skin analysis while you lie in your bed or relax on the couch.

  • Step 1 – Book a virtual skin consultation:

Contact us via whatsapp or book directly online appointment through our website below.

  • Step 2 – Start thinking about what your concerns are:

A small deposit fee will secure your spot, but it’s fully redeemable towards any products you decide to purchase. Get those camera’s ready…we’ll be needing some good close up shots of your skin. Don’t worry – it’s all confidential.

  • Step 3 – Let’s get consulting:

Let the fun begin! Now that we have all your info and we’ve confirmed an appointment date and time, we can get chatting away. If you have any questions now is the time to ask those little nitty gritty things that have been bugging you. There’s no rush, no pressure. Just full attention to what’s been bothering you about your skin.

Visit Lamelle’s website for a sneak peak of their amazing products they offer.

Lamelle straight to you door!
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