Dermaroller: Collagen-Induction Therapy

The one and only original: Lamelle Dermaroller. The Dermaroller is a highly specialised tool that was designed through years of research. It’s used for microneedling – a process that creates multiple micro-injuries in the skin to either: help your product penetrate deeper (used at home) or to stimulate the skin to remove old tissue and replace it with healthy new collagen and dermal structures for age-defying skin. This professional treatment is called Collagen-Induction Therapy.

 Collagen-Induction Therapy

Collagen induction therapy will entail and in-office treatment with a Lamelle Dermaroller that has a needle length of 1mm or more. This treatment is used to create micro injuries that will activate the inflammatory-healing processes in the deeper dermal layers of the skin.

This acute inflammatory process activates the skin’s natural removal of old, damaged collagen and elastin, as well as scar tissue. Your body will then also activate its fibroblast cells to produce more new fibroblasts (proliferation), and they in turn produce more healthy collagen, elastin and everything that lies around these structures (extracellular matrix).

In this way, the scarring (including acne scars), fine lines and texture are treated and deeper lines are softened.

“We cant wait to start introducing this revolutionary new treatment to our salon. Watch this space for updates”